Welcome to my art page! Most of my paintings can be painted on any size canvas upon request. Also, if you are interested in a painting, but would like different colors, add that request in your email! Enjoy!

Wild Flower 1

Wild Flower 1 / $30.00

Wild Flower 2

Wild Flower 2 / $30.00


He is Good

He is Good // Painted on wood


I AM HIS child’s painting // $35.00

Fire in the Sky

Fire in the Sky // $45.00


Delightful Garden // 14×18

He First Loved Us

He First Loved Us // Request your own colors!

Sunflower Verse1

Hopeful Sunflower // $24.00

Sea Monster

Sea Monster // 16×20 // $17.00

Chill Out

CHILL OUT // 24×30 // $24.00

Ocean On My Mind

Ocean On My Mind // $32.00

La Vie En Rose

La Vie En Rose // $10.00

When I Rise Set

In The Morning Set // Price ranges from $17 and up depending on canvas size.