Meet Alyssa


Hi, and Welcome to My Life In Pink! I am really excited about this blog because it is my very FIRST blog! My aim with My Life In Pink is to share with you my favorite fashion trends, recipes, readings, and my very own artwork! I mostly paint with acrylic paints on canvas, but occasionally I use acrylic on wood, and sometimes I use watercolour and oil paints. I have done many custom paintings in the past and I would love to paint any custom paintings for you! If you see any paintings on my blog (under the “Art” tab) that you may be interested in, you can contact me by clicking on the “contact” tab and sending me an email. Or if you have a certain painting in mind that you would like me to whip up for you, you can contact me the same way, including specific details and pictures of what you would like on your picture. When ordering paintings, payments will be submitted through PayPal, and prices + shipping will be discussed when you email me! I would be so excited to paint for you!

I grew up in a small town in Ohio called Hartville, out in the country. I am a fashion merchandise major at Youngstown State University, but my dream is to design clothing for children in a big city, preferably NYC because it’s one of the greatest places i’ve ever been. I have a passion for antiques from the 40s and 50s! I feel like those were the best times to live because the fashion was great, the cars were amazing, and you could always go to a diner anytime and order milkshakes (AKA my favorite food)!

I would love to hear from my readers on anything you would like to see or read more of, so feel free to contact me any time! I hope you enjoy My Life In Pink!

– AK